Make your property unique with epoxy garage floors

Whether You Are Looking To Transform Your Garage Into A Beautiful Workspace Or Simply Looking For An Easy Way To Protect Your Flooring, An Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Is The Perfect Solut

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Transform Your Garage With EPOXY FLOOR SPECIALIST

Epoxy garage floor coatings can transform and enhance your Pottsville home both easily and cost-effectively. These coatings offer a robust, enduring shield against common garage challenges like oils, dirt, chemicals, and hot tire marks, while simultaneously elevating the style and appeal of your space.

Connecticut Epoxy Floor presents a variety of epoxy flooring options that are not only resilient and long-lasting but also tailored to match your individual preferences and design aesthetics.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our use of premium materials and advanced techniques, ensuring your garage floor is not only beautiful but highly functional. Whether your taste leans towards a sleek, contemporary design or a more timeless, classic look, our range has options to satisfy every preference.

For any garage flooring needs, Connecticut Epoxy Floor stands as your reliable local provider, committed to delivering outstanding results. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary floor estimate.

Stunning Garage Floors In 1-2 Days

Our garage floor coating installs are typically completed within 1-2 days. Epoxy flooring goes through a ‘curing’ process that may take several hours in between coats. For this reason, we may require a couple of days in most cases, to fully install your new floor correctly.

Although, there are some instances where our flooring experts may be able to finish your new epoxy floor in one day. In certain weather conditions, epoxy coatings do cure faster, such as installing epoxy flooring in the summer. In this case, the high temperatures may allow each coat to cure quickly and it’s possible our technicians will be able to complete the project in one day.

Garage Floor Coatings That Always Look The Part

When it comes to appearance, you can be sure that your new garage floor will impress. With an array of colors and patterns available, including high-gloss and light reflective flooring, you can create a look that will catch the eye and provide a range of practical benefits too.

Choose a metallic, flake, polished, or standard color look for your garage floor coating. Whether it’s commercial, residential, or industrial garage, we have something to suit.

We Are So Confident In Our Process, That We Have Backed All Of Our Floor Coatings With A 10 Year Warranty Against Chipping Or Peeling.

Professional Floor Preparation

Our main form of concrete floor preparation is diamond grinding, which not only removes impurities from the floor, but also extends the life of your floor by giving you the greater adhesion possible. Diamond grinding produces a coarse profile while removing any deteriorated or weak concrete, leaving the surface immediately ready for coating.

We will also repair any cracks, holes, and imperfections to ensure the structural integrity of the concrete floor and the epoxy floor. If necessary, we will apply a Primer or moisture vapor barrier to prevent the concrete from breathing and the floor from lifting and peeling.

Once we are happy with the condition of the concrete, we will move to applying a colored based coat.

Connecticut Epoxy Floors only uses 100% solids industrial grade material, which means we are going to install the same material on your garage floor that is used on airplane hangar floors, auto mechanic shop floors etc.

After the base coat we will Apply a Decorative coat – either flake broadcast, metallic, quartz, etc, depending on the floor system you’ve chosen.

Finally, we will seal the floor with a protective, clear UV stable topcoat to protect the floor from damage, stains, discoloration and wear and tear.

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